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We come from a family of bakers that immigrated from Argentina and Venezuela. We have 2 generations’ worth of experience in working with dough thru our family-owned bakery in Florida. Not too long ago, we left the sunshine state and moved cross country to rainy Seattle. We immediately fell in love with the city, its vibe, but most importantly its people and their passion for everything Seattle. We soon discovered the unique concept of the 12th man, and how a flying flag with the number 12 represents the most vital teammate of all, the FAN. DOCE means the number 12 in Spanish.


We wanted to bring our craft to the FANs of Seattle. To share how our Latin American flavors can intertwine with an American staple, the donut. And that’s how DOCE Donut Co. was born. Our intent is to pay tribute to the city we now call home, while remaining true to our roots.

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